A Tempting Trio of Office Chairs: Inge by Beaufurn

I must admit I’m something of a sucker for a certain amount of techie-speak when it comes to contemporary furnishings. So when I hear of a new suite of office seating whose principal material is “a polyurethane Tech® shell meeting CAL 117,” I tend towards credulous enthusiasm. Such it is with Beaufurn’s Inge line of chairs for office.

Inge-4 Chair. Manufactured by Beaufurn.

Beaufurn’s Inge Line Offers Durability and High Modern Style

Inge-4 Chair. Manufactured by Beaufurn.

Comprised of three different hard-shell style chairs, the Inge line definitely evokes the heydey of the fiberglass shell. Likely antecedents for this well-tempered trio include the iconic Eames Molded Fiberglass Chair and the Stingray Rocker—both of which possess the lithe lines and slim silhouette that distinguish the Inge line.

Inge-4 Chair. Manufactured by Beaufurn.

However, Inge is no mere millennial re-hashing but rather a versatile and dynamic line capable of double (or triple) duty in the office, boardroom, or reception area. The flagship Inge-4 Chair has a single-piece scoop style seat perched atop a four-leg frame; next up, the Inge-Casters Chair has the very same spacious seat and low back, yet its base is comprised of a quartet of swiveling casters; lastly, the Inge Cross model is a hybrid of the two—it has a cross metal base available fixed or on rolling casters.

Inge-4 Chair. Manufactured by Beaufurn.

Beaufurn offers all three pieces in a panoply of complementary or contrasting colors:  “all white, all black, white and red, white and purple, and white and black.” The mono- and duo-tone color scheme sets the stage for all manner of interesting and versatile decorative options. This aesthetic appeal—in concert with polyurethane Tech’s renowned durability—makes the Inge line a good bet for a long-lived and lively workspace.

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About the Manufacturer: Based out of Winston-Salem, NC, Beaufurn is a local concern that does our country proud. The company manufactures indoor seating, all weather seating, and tables. Their products are a good fit for both residential and contract markets, but they take special pride in their hospitality line—their collection of outdoor tables, barstools, bistro seating, and banquet chairs may just give you a yen to open your very own restaurant.

Posted September 30, 2011 by Joseph Starr

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