Top Ten: Vivacious Dressers

One of the best ways for the true artist in a furniture designer to shine through is with a large palette to work with. Considering the fact that many dressers contain long, wide sides and surfaces, the options for design are just about infinite. In this week’s Top Ten list, we take a look at dresser units with swivels, bold paint jobs, mixed use of rugged and gloss, and even cut out shapes that are well worth a gander.

Top Ten list: Vivacious Dressers.

From the Classic and Curvaceous to the Minimal Modern, Dresser Units Shine with Interesting Elements

1. About Face
DESIGNER: Niels Bendtsen
PRICE: $1,047
Dimensions: 25.25″H x 46″W x 18″D

Kicking it off with an unorthodox dresser that swivels, the About Face  by Niels Bendtsen for Bensen is a rotating storage cabinet that features a full length mirror. With a powder-coated steel base and veneer made from walnut or white oak, the column spins smoothly and houses four adjustable shelves with one fixed center shelf.

Top Ten list: Vivacious Dressers.

2. Training
DESIGNER: Peter Bristol
MANUFACTURER: Manufacturer Name
PRICE: $1,500
Dimensions: 37″W 29″H 18″D

“Like Dr. Suess and Pixar, the Training Dresser is for more than one audience,” begins the description by designer Peter Bristol of his playful storage system design. Iconic and well-crafted in Eastern Washington by the Mountain View Cabinetry team, the “informative” maple plywood drawers are cut out into the shapes of different articles of clothing.

Top Ten list: Vivacious Dressers.

3. Hive
PRICE: $998
Dimensions: 31″H x 40″W x 18″D

Made from a a 100% CARB compliant plywood core, this eco-friendly Hive dresser features two drawers and two storage compartments with a center display. Sophisticated but with practical charm (they say the top can be used as a changing table) this piece comes in either a Natural or Espresso finish and is made in America.

Top Ten list: Vivacious Dressers.

4. Trip – 3 Drawer
PRICE: $1,820
Dimensions: 39.4″L x 18.9″H x 33″W

Fusing the classic furniture shapes with modern finishes using a hypergraphic silk-screening, the Trip Collection’s 3 Drawer dressers brings us back to the 50’s with polka dot designs, a touch retro with the funky pied-de-poule pattern, or into ultra-contemporary mode with metropolitan maps.

Top Ten list: Vivacious Dressers.

5. Madison
DESIGNER: Curt Christian
MANUFACTURER: Martin Furniture
PRICE: $1,980
Dimensions: 35.5″H x 72″W x 23″D

Six bold drawers with beveled mirror faces set apart the Madison dresser from the standard wood variety. Designed by Curt Christian for Martin Furniture, the cherry veneer panels and birch solid wood moldings and trim create a sturdy presence in any bedroom.

Top Ten list: Vivacious Dressers.

6. Brix
DESIGNER: Niels Bendtsen
PRICE: $1,470
Dimensions: 19.75″L x 19.75″W x 31″H

The Brix was created in multiple sizes using a high-gloss lacquer finish of Charcoal, Red, White, or Putty atop the high-density wood composite panels and European Birch plywood drawers. This classic style that combines old and new has helped to shape Danish-turned-Canadian designer Niels Bendtsen’s career and landed his design of the Brix in DWR Studio in 2009.

Top Ten list: Vivacious Dressers.

7. Kast 01
DESIGNER: Bert van der Aa
PRICE: $3,046- 4,564
Dimensions: 17.7″W x 63″L x 15.75″- 23.6″H

The Kast 01 Dresser series is a highly architectural design that works against the wall as a typical dresser or in the middle of a room as storage or as a room divider. Available in one-, two-, or three- drawer models, the Kast is finished with a lacquer coat or in veneer and the columns beneath come in four powder-coated finishes.

Top Ten list: Vivacious Dressers.

8. Dandelion Graphic – Tall
DESIGNER: Michael Iannone
MANUFACTURER: Iannone Design
PRICE: $2,795
Dimensions: 31″L x 20.25″D x 44″H

The Dandelion design (and the Wasp design) of the Iannone Design dresser compliments the popular Dandelion Graphic series and includes touch release drawers. Available in Kirei, gloss white laminate and natural maple, this eco-friendly dresser unit uses a formaldehyde-free adhesive and is FSC- and GREENGUARD- certified with an elegance in graphic artistry that is unmatched.

Top Ten list: Vivacious Dressers.

9. PCHseries
PRICE: $2,700
Dimensions: 28″H x 21″D x 72″L

Named after the Pacific Coast Highway in California, the PCHseries dresser  is “simultaneously sophisticated and relaxed”.  Made of solid teak and cast aluminum, the PCHseries includes low, wide pieces supported by barely-there aluminum blades that show off the perfect blend of minimalism and rugged, natural mountain design.

Top Ten list: Vivacious Dressers.

10. Bird Chest
PRICE: $1,499
Dimensions: 51.5″W x 23.5″D x 34.5″H

Made from pine wood, this hand-painted dresser is a reproduction of an Eastern European country chest. Manufactured at Wisteria, the spacious three-drawer unit is decorated in traditional images of birds, vines, and flowers.

Top Ten list: Vivacious Dressers.

Hope you enjoyed our roundup of the Top Ten list of Vivacious Dressers!

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