The Modern and Elegant Molecules Lighting Collection by Aqua Creations

“As a 44 year old retired officer in the Israeli Defense Forces, people generally tend to go on the safe side,” begins Ilan Garibi, the origami artist who decided against applying for a military industry job after retirement. “I do not follow those roads; instead, I try to make a living from origami and origami alone… trying to spread Origametria: the teaching of geometry by origami.” Using his expertise in paper folding as inspiration, Aqua Creations collaborated with Garibi to form the Molecules Lighting Collection.

Molecules Table Lamp. Manufactured by Aqua Creations.

Gorgeous Origami Shades and Mahogany Bases Form the Molecules Lighting Collection, Designed by Ilan Garibi for Aqua Creations.

Using a repetitive pattern of molecules, Ilan Garibi and Aqua Creations have come up with several different designs of paper shades for the lamps made from paper and mahogany. The collection consists of two different of floor lamps, two table lamps, and a sconce. The floor lamps come in a tall, elegant version with a large, donut-shaped shade or a multiple-shade floor lamp. The two table lamps come in different heights, with different shapes of shades. One is a large, circular shade low to the ground and the other, slightly taller and with a smaller shade. Lastly, the wall sconce with its elegant, curved base and shade pulls in the same character in a miniature size as the floor lamps. The deep mahogany wood base in all of the lamps truly sets them apart against the subtle, geometric folds of the durable paper lantern.

Molecules Table Lamp. Manufactured by Aqua Creations.

By definition, the art of Japanese paper folding begins with a blank sheet of paper (colored or plain) which is then folded and sculpted by hand into tessellations of individual molecules with no cuts. In this case, Aqua Creations uses the art of origami as a way to diffuse the light. Each of the lamps in the Molecule Collection are powered by digitally-dimmable LEDs, which are conveniently operated and controlled by touch.

Molecules Table Lamp. Manufactured by Aqua Creations.

Along with Garibi’s eye for exquisite folded paper designs, Aqua Creations consistently creates collections that infuse the artisanal and natural materials with a deep understanding of technology. The end result showcases products that serve the design community by being both visually stimulating and luxurious, exactly like the Molecule Lighting Collection.

About the Manufacturer: Aqua Creations Lighting & Furniture Atelier was founded in 1994 by designer-artist Ayala Serfaty and photographer Albi Serfaty. Since its inception the atelier has acquired a reputation for its innovative designs and has earned international awards. Over the years, the pioneering use of handcraft techniques with advanced lighting technology has put Aqua Creations in the forefront of sustainable design and green industry. Aqua Creations features an extensive array of lighting and furniture lines, completed with site specific, customized solutions.

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