The GreenLantern by Romolo Stanco and NuDe

“A concentration of technology, experimentation, research and design that is wholly Italian.” This is a statement made to describe GreenLantern, the brand new liquid wood vase/lamp by Romolo Stanco and NuDe that debuted at “FuoriSalone”.

GreenLantern. Designed by Romolo Stanco and NuDe.

Italian Lighting Innovation: The Groundbreaking Liquid Wood GreenLantern Design by Romolo Stanco and NuDe.

It was shown at the Fabbrica del Vapore as part of the event entitled “Posti di Vista: Design Sensibile” (and is named after a DC Comics superhero). Smelling of toasted wood and a wax finish or oil, GreenLantern is the first designed object actually designed and built with 100% wood injection. The liquid wood lamp was developed under the creative direction and design of Romolo Stanco through experimentation and research. On behalf of Stanco’s work, NuDe presents this curved lamp saying “it is not just ‘Nu’ design (like ‘new’ design) but also ‘now’ design” since it represents today’s advancements.

GreenLantern. Designed by Romolo Stanco and NuDe.

Following the FuoriSalone debut, La Repubblica newspaper stated about NuDe: “New forms and new functions for a new sensitivity: that of research in which it is not the outcome that is amazing, but the unique, incredible voyage undertaken to achieve it.” With a German patent held by Fraunhofer/Tecnaro, the wood is injected into GreenLantern molds for its plasticity and 100% wood qualities that challenge natural restrictions present in traditional woodworking. Available in 10 colors, that come in a matte or gloss finish, or available for custom coloring through a free downloadable iPhone app that allows you to choose the color of different parts of the GreenLantern (upper right or lower left).

GreenLantern. Designed by Romolo Stanco and NuDe.

Innovation pulls the design of our products into untouched territory of liquid woodworking with the help of Italian designer Romolo Stanco and NuDe. With the Greenlantern’s beautiful curves made from 100% wood, it’s no wonder the design world is abuzz with excitement for the possibilities which are sure to come.

About the Designers: NuDe (Nu-Design) is an experimental research laboratory and workshop (a spin-off of Politec Valtellina, the concentration of technological businesses in the Valtellina area in Italy, where radical innovations are developed and applied to real projects in the design sector. Romolo Stanco, Italian architect and designer – whose experimental prototypes are displayedm at Future Museums like the AEC in Linz – is the Project Leader and design director, while Stefano Besseghini (who formerly managed the CNR-IENI facility in Lecco and is now the CEO of RSE – Research on the National Energy System) is the science manager of NuDe. The company also employs physicists, chemists and scientists who are able to transform visionary concepts into real project ideas, with a new view of humanity and the everyday world.

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