The Geometrix 3-D Metal Ceiling Panels by USG

Whoever said paneling had to be flat? Create new fields for light and shadow to dance with using varied dimensions. The Geometrix 3-D Metal Ceiling Panels by USG Ceilings brings new life into ceiling panels.

Geometrix 3-D Metal Ceiling Panels. Manufactured by USG.

In a Flat White or Silver Satin, Geometrix Panels by USG Create 3-Dimensional, Sound-Sensitive Ceilings.

Constructed out of lightweight aluminum that is available with an HRC of 50%+ High Recycled Content, the Geometrix specialty ceiling panels can be combined in an infinite variety of configurations that use their multitude of depths to heighten your ceilings. Each panel can be installed into a 9/16″ narrow-profile with a 15/16″ standard suspension system to allow for complete accessibility. USG offers the use of their optional Compässo suspension system also, in the case that a more finished appearance is a more desirable look for the project.

Geometrix 3-D Metal Ceiling Panels. Manufactured by USG.

In 2′ x 2′ sizes, the solid or perforated Geometrix panels can be fitted together in patterns or separated randomly to decorate elevated spaces uniquely. Limitless possibilities use what USG calls “custom-sized and custom-positioned pre-engineered utility circles” which allow for “easy integration of lighting and utilities”. Fitting into any architectural space, the flat white and silver satin finishes hide grids as more than a pretty topping. In fact, they’re in tune to your acoustic needs also – enhancing the sound performance of a space using USG’s high standards of factory-applied backing they call Acoustibond.

Geometrix 3-D Metal Ceiling Panels. Manufactured by USG.

Pull together each side of your interior space with a finished edge ceiling panel system that creates a brand new dimension to your home or commercial space. With the Geometrix by USG, metal ceiling panels create movement and depth unmatched by flat acoustic tiles.

About the Manufacturer: For more than 100 years, Chicago-based USG has produced innovative products and systems to build the environments in which we live, work and play.  As the inventor of wallboard and mineral wool ceiling tile, USG helped to create North America’s building materials industry. Their products are used in everything from major commercial developments and residential housing to simple home improvements and the USG flagship brands include SHEETROCK® Brand gypsum panels and DUROCK® cement board.

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