Iconic Wall Panels

The Iconic panels by B + N will transform any wall, flat or textured. These four foot by eight foot (approximately) formed laminate over carved wood panels are a great alternative to wallpaper or other wall finishes. In fact, the iconic panels are rather artistic, acting as bas relief sculptures. Available in matte or glossy finishes and in various modish colors-such as red, chocolate, and black-B and N’s panels can transform rooms into atmospheric sets.

Helvetica in Matte White. Manufactured by B + N Industries.

One of my favorites is Helvetica, based on the popular font invented by Max Miedinger in 1957, which would be ideal for a home office-unless of course you already suffer from numerophobia, in which case having your walls plastered with gigantic numeral 7s might not be the best idea.

The Hitchcock design is a great option for film lovers. This panel features multi-directional lines strewn about as if one had dropped matchsticks-the pattern mimics the opening credits from Psycho. For a focus wall, opt for the cherry red glossy finish; Broadcast and Carnaby designs look particularly good in this saturated hue (the former in a home media room and the latter in a groovy bedroom).

Iconic Wall Panels

Hitchcock in Gloss White.

Iconic Wall Panels

Fleur in Gloss Black.

More traditional patterns such as Fleur and Versailles give a room an elegant and dramatic backdrop, particularly in black, though these curvilinear motifs also look great in silver (or choose the paintable panel and give it a coat of Robin’s Egg Blue-very palm beach).

These panels are particularly good for open spaces lacking architectural definition such as lofts and offices (or to hide less-than-ideal drywall work); as such, B and N’s panels can resolve apartmentus genericus (or houseus genericus)-that modern disease of new construction.

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