Paper Cut: The New Varia Ecoresin Panels by 3form

As if the Varia Ecoresin Collection’s Play series could get any more fun – or more green for that matter – a new interlayer of paneling, entitled Paper Cut, was recently announced at 3form’s 7th annual Greenweek event.

Paper Cut Panels. Manufactured by 3form.

Using Recycled Paper Cut from Catalogs, 3form Releases the Paper Cut Varia Ecoresin Panels.

Made with the colorful strips of catalogs from previous 3form years, each panel contains approximately one catalog ‘re-issued’ inside of the resin panel. As previously mentioned, the release happened while at Greenweek – an event that celebrates the environment and their environmental performance of the brand that can be viewed on their blog.

Paper Cut Panels. Manufactured by 3form.

Paper Cut is part of the Play family of Varia Ecoresin panels made by 3form. It’s a vibrant collection made with a minimum of 40% pre-consumer recycled resin, with bold colors used mainly for hospitality and healthcare industries that as versatile as they are translucent. Imaginative designs using glittery, glamorous materials suggests that gorgeous textures, patterns and effects are as easy a one-two panel punch of life into any interior project. By allowing you to custom-select just about every aspect of the Varia Ecoresin line, the design matches the most difficult projects as a clean architectural application.

Paper Cut Panels. Manufactured by 3form.

Get lost in the thin strips of colorful paper and recycled content for a completely new approach to partitioning and paneling using the Paper Cut Varia Ecoresin by 3form.

About the Manufacturer: 3form is a manufacturing team of highly-trained architects, material engineers, and structural experts. They comprise the award-winning, sustainable building materials and architectural hardware solutions company that is known for their groundbreaking Varia Ecoresin® technology. Using 40% recycled content and translucency combined with organic materials, fabrics, and an assortment of textures, 3form creates Varia, Chroma, and Glass panels for the architecture and design community.

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