Textur 3D Wall Panels by Soelberg Industries

Textural wall panels are changing the way we think about vertical surfaces. In a world where we can design and model unusual forms in the computer, paint and wallpaper leave a dimension behind. Textural wall panels can be made from stone, ceramic, wood and more. Nya Nordiska’s textile wall panels are a textured wall panel that uses fabric as their inspiration. Cork panels by Yemi Awosile show off cork’s diversity with precision cutting and metallic paint. Jaime Salm uses recycled paper to create sculptural wall panels that are also environmentally friendly.

Textür 3D. Designed by Soelberg Industries.

Textür 3D is a series of sculpted panels that can be used on walls, ceilings, furniture, columns, and anything else you can think of. The panel is made with a core of MDF, which is 100 % recycled and reclaimed wood. Finish options include wood textures, metallics, and solids in flat and high gloss, offering a durable surface that can match that of a high pressure laminate.

Textur 3D offers three distinct collections, the Classic Collection, the Elevate Collection and the Impressions Collection. Each collection is composed of geometric designs in a repeating pattern, but the Classic is reminiscent of antique stone work whereas the Elevate looks more like the futuristic design. The Impressions Collection is taken from nature and art and is the most two dimensional of the three collections. Textured wall panels such as these can enhance a design while also allowing for dramatic updates in the future with relative ease.

Textur 3D Wall Panels
Textur 3D Wall Panels
Textur 3D Wall Panels

About the Company: Soelberg Industries are the manufacturers of Curve Office Furniture, Sun Mountain Doors and Textur 3D. They use only 100% recycled wood products in all their MDF and use only water-based adhesives for all their products.

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