Lonwood Dakota Vinyl Flooring by Lonseal

Say the word “vinyl” around musicians and you’ll first be given great-taste-in-music-quality status. Repeat around interior designers and they’ll likely look down to the floor, pointing at the beautiful Lonwood Dakota floors by Lonseal.

Lonwood Dakota flooring. Manufactured by Lonseal.

The Lonwood Dakota Vinyl Flooring by Lonseal Works Wonders in Healthcare, Corporate, Retail, and Hospitality Applications.

The dozens of different Lonseal floors all begin with the word “Lon-“. Upon further inspection, slight modifications may be a theme for the 30-year manufacturer. In order to create the Lonwood Dakota flooring, they use “a slightly textured sheet that evokes the open grain of oak and the nuance of knot-free, quarter-sawn plank”. Instead of wood however, the ultra durable vinyl surface is produced by innovative technology to balance aesthetics and technical characteristics and create a gentle flooring in 14 different natural looking finishes.

Lonwood Dakota flooring. Manufactured by Lonseal.

Lonwood Dakota flooring is made using 20% recycled content and is a LEED product to earn your project the intelligent reputation it merits. For corporate, healthcare, retail and hospitality applications, their products have been featured in healthcare, educational, recreational, fitness, corporate, retail, and hospitality markets throughout the United States and internationally.

Lonwood Dakota flooring. Manufactured by Lonseal.

Lonwood Dakota’s warm, neutral tones are used to accentuate the humble, long-standing reputation of top quality Lonseal vinyl surfaces represented in all of their flooring products.

About the Manufacturer: Lonseal leads the vinyl flooring industry in exciting new directions through technological, visual and textured innovations, including infusing products with pliable properties not usually associated with vinyl. The company’s longstanding reputation has been built upon customer service and its unique array of vinyl surface colors and textures that are sought by designers the world over.

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