A Healthcare Must Have: Flotex by Forbo Flooring Systems

Despite the plunging economies worldwide during 2011, Forbo Flooring Systems committed to something most companies wouldn’t dream of: They donated $0.42 per square yard ($0.50 per square meter) for all orders of three Flotex flooring collections – Journeys, Calgary and Naturals – to the Alzheimer’s Association. They signed up for a minimum donation of $25,000 and cleared the bar as healthcare flooring specialists that are now also categorized as philanthropists.

Flotex. Manufactured by Forbo Flooring Systems.

Hygienic Flotex Floors by Forbo Made Especially for the Healthcare Market.

In a wide variety, the countless collections that fall under the Flotex flooring solutions umbrellas cater to a contract designer’s every need. Flotex Sheets come in fifteen different patterns that are everything from contemporary designs with geometric, linear angles to all-over, solid designs that accentuate a texture. Flotex Tiles are slightly less varied, with eleven solid color designs that can be arranged in a checkerboard.

Florex. Manufactured by Forbo Flooring Systems.

Forbo proudly states of their hearty healthcare flooring solutions that “when a hardwearing, practical and hygienic floor covering is required, Flotex Sheet can be relied upon to deliver a flawless expanse of color to cover any area in the most attractive manner.” That said, the same applies to the checkerboard pattern of the 50cm x 50cm Flotex Tiles. In fact,  Forbo also prides themselves  in their green-friendly manufacturing by stating that both post consumer waste and production waste are used as backing for the tiles.

Florex. Manufactured by Forbo Flooring Systems.

Being slip-resistant, stain-resistant, sanitized with an antimicrobial treatment, ultra durable and 100% waterproof are just a few ways that Forbo Flooring Systems makes their Flotex flooring solutions reach the highest grade of contract flooring designed specifically for the healthcare market.

About the Manufacturer: Forbo Flooring Systems specializes in linoleum floor coverings for the contract market, but their knowledge in linoleum-based flooring products has led them into other professional scenarios. By creating high quality vinyl floor coverings, the Forbo expanses reach a wide range of clients with their environmentally-responsible flooring solutions that are known for durability and contract strength.

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