Eco-Friendly Lighting by Shades of Light

There are countless small companies making meaningful contributions to the sustainable design community. Shades of Light is a Virginia based company that curates a collection of furniture, lighting and rugs for both online and brick & mortar sales. They have a natural classic style with an emphasis on handmade, high quality design.

Eco-Friendly Lighting. Manufactured by Shades of Light.

Demijohn Table Lamp by Shades of Light. Images via Shades of Light.
I came across their website when I saw the Reclaimed Wood Ceiling light, which is part of their Eco-home collection. The sustainable ceiling light is made from reclaimed wood flooring, antique barn hinges and recycled glass with an energy efficient bulb. The rustic feel of the light would make it perfect for an old Southern house or a beach cottage.
Demijohn Table Lamp by Shades of Light. Images via Shades of Light.
An even more rustic light by Shades of Light is the Double Custom Pulley Pendant. Like something out of Splash mountain, two bulbs hang from the pulley which is suspended by a large hook. The pulley is a repurposed industrial vintage wooden block & tackle pulley. Each pulley creation is one of a kind.
Double Custom Pulley Pendant by Shades of Light. Images via Shades of Light
For a more refined light fixture I look to the Demijohn Table Lamp.
Demijohn jugs were used to brew wine, beer, etc historically. The jars are made from recycled glass and are offered in eight colors. Best topped with a cream or natural burlap oval drum shade, the Demijohn Table lamp has a natural beach feel that is softer than the Pulley Pendant or the Reclaimed Wood Light.

About the Company: Shades of Light started in 1986 and has since offered unique high-quality lighting, rugs and furnishings. They manufacture 350 of their own designs and limited editions, antique lighting and rugs. An interest in sustainability means they pay special attention to adequate wattage and energy usage as well as sustainable materials when possible.

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