Like a Sunflower: Empty Light by Amanda Buckley

Anytime I see a field of sunflowers, I want to remember exactly the way it looks and feels. Ideally, I’d be able to bottle up one of them in their brilliant yellow glory on a sunny day in May and use it to naturally light an entire room. I’m happy to say I’ve never plucked one to see if it works, but I do recognize the similarity to my dream when looking at the new design of the Empty light by Amanda Buckley.

Empty light. Designed by Amanda Buckley.

Peruse the Empty Light as a Glowing Source of Sheer Illumination

Shown as a simplified design of a table lamp, the Empty lamp exhibits every trait we’d want in creating an inviting atmosphere. Bring out its chic, cone-shaped base with a white finish and allow the inner ring of LEDs to glow throughout the middle as if igniting the sunflower’s interior with warmth. “This table top reading light uses a soft wash of white to reflect the main light source,” described Buckley.

The Empty light can be used alongside a bed for your latest read, as a task lamp at the office, or as a source of great ambiance in any setting by shifting its head fluidly. As Buckley states of her brilliant little design, “a friction hinge allows it to be adjusted to several different positions that let it function in different ways”.

Empty light. Designed by Amanda Buckley.

Face the Empty light toward the sun – or onto your next big project – for the ultimate imitation of a gorgeous, gleaming sunflower in any interior environment.

About the Designer: Amanda Buckley is a product designer who enjoys the art of challenging perceptions. While her education comes in the form of Furniture Design at the Savannah College of Art & Design and also her current status, working on a Master’s at the Royal College of Art in London for Design Products, Buckley’s design career was launched working for Steelcase as an Applications Specialist and Industrial Designer.

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