Ceilume Vinyl Drop Ceiling Tiles

This past spring while working on a limited budget "Green" conference room, I discovered Ceilume's Polyline drop ceiling panels. Polyline is Ceilume's "go anywhere" drop ceiling panel. We were thrilled because not only were the panels Green Guard certified and budget friendly, they also had a variety of styles to choose from. We ended up choosing their Stratford design to complement the period details of the older building.

Say goodbye to boring, stained and outdated ceiling panels.

Ceilume ceiling panels are made from 0.013″ thick, vinyl plastic, part of their featherweight series. Despite our concerns, the thinness was not visible.  Instead, the tiles gave off an appearance of a custom architectural detail.  Another perk offered by vinyl is avoiding those awful brown spots from water damage.  Instead, collected water can be poured out and the panel popped back in.

Vinyl Drop Ceiling Tiles. Manufactured by Ceilume.

Ceilume offers wide variety of styles in the 2×2 tiles and 8 in the 2×4 panels. Color options include white, sand, latte, merlot, black and translucent.  The product is a cost effective option for residential installations as well. A friend of mine installed them in his basement using the black finish to update the boring stained existing panels. Completed, the atmosphere of the room was entirely elevated.  Lending themselves to a variety of installations, the various design options bring a contemporary look to any space.

Ceilume Vinyl Drop Ceiling Tiles

It is time to stop ignoring that fifth wall and instead make it a feature of the room. And with Ceilume ceiling tiles, there are options to fit every design aesthetic and budget.


About the Manufacturer: For over 50 years, Ceilume Ceiling Tiles have been used in homes, offices, stores, schools and hotels around the globe. Located in Graton, California, just an hour north of the Golden Gate Bridge, Ceilume Smart Ceiling Tiles is family owned and prides itself on supporting its community, encouraging sustainability and being a good workplace for its employees.

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