NeoCon 2024: Intra Lighting’s Acoustic Pyrymyd

NeoCon 2024: Intra Lighting’s Acoustic Pyrymyd

Intra Lighting is set to showcase award-winning Pyrymyd, their new “ec(h)o friendly” acoustic ceiling panel system and luminaire at NeoCon 2024.

Pyrymyd by Intra Lighting

As office workers and those caught up in atmospheric environments of open concept spaces require more and more sound proofing to keep their attention on the tasks at hand, acoustic panels and acoustic lights are on the rise to drown out the noise.

Pyrymyd acoustic ceiling light

Whether it’s the raucous sounds of conversationally enthusiastic colleagues or the sheer amount of literal phone calls required to keep up with the daily tides of business and commerce, most acoustic panels and products do their jobs well, but sometimes they’re not all that striking to look at. Intra’s Pyrymyd, on the other hand, is a feast for the eyes, especially the DECO variation which looks like a ceiling of lit windows in a skyline at night.

Pyrymyd DECO by Intra Lighting

Intra Lighting’s minimalistic and timeless commodities generally include simple and clever novelties. Their standards adhere to geometric shapes and a less-is-more philosophy. With Pyrymyd, it appears they applied their signature style to acoustic panels and acoustic lighting—et voilà!—Pyrymyd was born.

Pyrymyd panels by Intra Lighting

As for installation, Pyrymyd’s orchestrated system revolutionizes the construction sector for lit ceilings. An easy click-in method allows for minimal distance between panels or a suspended option details a chic side profile. You get to decide.

Pyrymyd panels by Intra Lighting suspended from ceiling

An installation of Pyrymyd means there’s less noise, no light glare, and zero pollution thanks to a recycled (and fully recyclable) design.

Pyrymyd by Intra Lighting in situ

The LFO version with Bartenbach optic and the DECO version provide visual comfort. Pyrymyd LFO illuminates the space pleasantly without seeing the light source. There’s also Pyrymyd Dark which is plain paneling without an added light source.

Grey panels of Pyrymyd

Pyrymyd comes in Light grey (LG), Grey (GR), and Black (BK) with Intra recommending brighter tones “for a fresh, open appearance and optically higher ceilings.”

Pyrymyd acoustic ceiling light

Grey panels are made from 60% recycled material, while Light grey and Black are made of 28%. When it reaches the end of its days at the completion of its sound-absorbing lifecycle, Pyrymyd is 100% recyclable. In the words of Intra Lighting, as they say, all of this work in responsibility and sustainability is “for a ‘lighter’ tomorrow.”

Look for Pyrymyd at Intra Lighting’s showcase at 7-2075 on the 7th floor of NeoCon 2024.

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