Bauhaus Redux: Lightworm by Walter Schnepel

When lighting company Tecnolumen began in 1980, they offered one lamp and one lamp only—the WA 24 Table Lamp by Wilhelm Wagenfeld, a Bauhaus design classic. Thankfully, Tecnolumen broadened their product line to include reproductions of Bauhaus lamps and later contemporary interpretations of the style. Today Tecnolumen manufactures lighting as well as small furniture, door handles, and accessories.

Lightworm. Designed by Walter Schnepel. Manufactured by Tecnolumen.

Coy, Coil Table Lamp

One of their recently designed lamps is Lightworm by Walter Schnepel. A table lamp with a coiling, snaking base that can be adjusted by the user, Lightworm showcases the simplicity and functionality of the Bauhaus style. With a base that is integral to the lamp structure itself, Lightworm cannot be accused of unnecessary ornamentation. The coil reveals a simple bulb, the transparent light source for the table lamp.

Lightworm. Designed by Walter Schnepel. Manufactured by Tecnolumen.

Lightworm. Designed by Walter Schnepel. Manufactured by Tecnolumen.

Lightworm’s socket is always black (what else could it be?), although the metal hose is available in black or nickel. The lamp’s rocker switch is cleverly concealed on the socket. Lightworm’s remaining electrical cord comes in black or clear depending on the color of the coil—either way, it virtually disappears. Lightworm has a name that says something about its form. Like a worm or snake, the lamp winds its way around itself in a simple, sinuous dance.

About the Manufacturer: Tecnolumen began in 1980 as a tribute to one lamp: the Wilhelm Wagenfeld table lamp WA 24, which was originally designed by Prof. Wilhelm Wagenfeld at the Bauhaus in 1924. The company, based in Bremen, Germany, then increased its product line, offering reproductions of Bauhaus lighting designs. Tecnolumen has expanded over the years, and the company now offers door handles, small pieces of furniture, and accessories. In addition to their reproductions, Tecnolumen also produces Bauhaus-style lighting by contemporary designers.

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