American Leather Matia Double Cot Comfort Sleeper

This summer we’ve had houseguest after houseguest: the friend who broke up with her live-in boyfriend, the brother-in-law and nephew on vacation, the friend in between apartments, the weekend visitor from San Fran.  Managing the household like a boutique hotel became standard routine.

Matia Double Cot Comfort Sleeper. Manufactured by American Leather.

The perfect solution finally arrived like every other houseguest.  What if I do what a real hotel does?  What if I got the ultimate comfort sleeper sofa? What if my guests could sink into a soft, deep cushion, melt into the mattress and still get the support one needs for a good night sleep? What if my guests could share a bed without being in the same bed?

Sleeper Efficiency At Its Very Best

Like any efficient concierge, American Leather’s Matia Double Cot Comfort Sleeper, serves the over-extended houseguest, the hotel room crasher or, as some have experienced, the awkward-corporate-meeting-mandatory-room-share.  Matia is efficiency at its very best:  two distinct beds, more individual space, more privacy and only requires the same space as a queen sleeper sofa.  That’s just one genius concierge.

Matia Double Cot Comfort Sleeper. Manufactured by American Leather.

The Matia Double Cot Comfort Sleeper, like its counterparts, provides a mattress protected by breathable Crypton® fabric with moisture barrier resisting stains, prevents fluids, mold, mildew, bacteria and odor from reaching the mattress, and keeps harmful allergens from reaching your guests. Matia looks fabulous in more than 80 American Leather colors.  For the more frequent visitor, such as the hotel guest, Matia also fashions a wide range of color and textured fabrics from Ultrasuede® and Life Fabrics™ - stain and fade-resistant fabrics that are easy to clean.  Who thought of the ultimate Sleeper Sofa? Barbara and Robert Tiffany are the designers of American Leather’s patented Comfort Sleeper™, the Tiffany 24/7™ mechanism, which is utilized in every American Leather Comfort Sleeper™.

With comfort like this, that guest may never leave.

About the Manufacturer: For more than 20 years, American Leather has expertly blended refined design, meticulous craftsmanship and operational excellence to provide beautiful and durable furniture from its Dallas factory. American Leather uses Cutting Edge™, a computerized, automated system that utilizes video cameras and lasers in both leather and frame fabrication. This innovative technology provides superior accuracy and reliability over other fabrication methods and allows the company to offer handcrafted furniture with lead times that are much shorter than industry standards.

Posted August 25, 2011 by Catherine Minervini

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