The Oasis Overbed Table by Nemschoff and Herman Miller Healthcare

Sometimes the more utilitarian achievements of the A&D industry get obscured by showier gestures. At last month's NeoCon, show producers made every effort to assure that the workhorses of the industry got their due-helping exhibit goers and the public at large recognize the accomplishment of such subtle designs as the Nemschoff Oasis Overbed Table.

Oasis Overbed Table. Manufactured by Nemschoff and Herman Miller Healthcare.

The Oasis Overbed Table Opens Up Valued Space

The result of a collaboration between Herman Miller Healthcare and Nemschoff, the Overbed Table represents a significant improvement in patient care. The versatile, portable, stainless steel table maximizes surface space without overcrowding patients, making the hospital experience better for both patients and their visitors.

The Oasis Overbed Table by Nemschoff and Herman Miller Healthcare

The piece won the Best of NeoCon Gold Award in healthcare furniture, largely owing to its ease of maneuverability and its ability to provide maximum storage space with minimal obstruction, as it "provides dedicated compartments to organize healthcare items… thus affording patients a chance to own their space."

Notable design features of Oasis include rounded edges and rolling casters, both of which enable good access and easy reconfiguration by caregivers.

The Oasis Overbed Table by Nemschoff and Herman Miller Healthcare

The Oasis Overbed Table is just one in what will certainly prove to be a bevy of pragmatic and appealing products arising from the partnership between Herman Miller and Nemschoff. Says Beth Nickels, Herman Miller Healthcare President, “in partnership with Nemschoff, Herman Miller Healthcare has advanced care capabilities within healing environments.”

About the Manufacturer: The guiding principle followed by manufacturer Nemschoff is the very same as it was some 50 years back, when founder Leonard Nemschoff formulated his vision for creating high-quality, pragmatic healthcare furniture: "People make the difference. We never lose sight of that value, which has helped us become a leading provider of quality healthcare furniture." Nemschoff's product offering is vast-the company has an excellent reputation for producing excellent product across the spectrum of the healthcare industry, from lounge, guest, patient, and physician seating to case goods. Nemschoff's evolving partnerships with such prominent companies as Herman Miller Healthcare will help them increase this output.

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