Falcon’s Flexible Syntech Training Tables

It’s not too common in the A&D game for manufacturers to boast about having a competitive price. Perhaps this is because we so often deal with the crème de la crème of high-end product—a venue in which affordability might sometimes be confused with inferiority. When it comes to the contract market, however, there’s a might bit more wiggle room in this regard. The Morristown, TN company known as Falcon uses this to their explicit advantage. At Neocon last June, Falcon showed us how we could save money and time with their foldable, stackable, and portable Volant HL3 Chairs. This October it’s time for tables, and the Syntech Collection boasts contract viability on all grounds: economic, functional, and aesthetic.

Syntech Training Tables. Designed by Falcon.

Flexible, Portable and Foldable Tables for Contract

Since Falcon’s product line is focused on “training, learning, meeting, and dining,” sooner or later they’re bound to fit your particular niche. If that happens to be the workspace or the classroom, Syntech will likely catch your eye. Not a table so much as a surface concept, Syntech is “flexible enough to be used in classrooms, training rooms, or meeting rooms.” Extruded aluminum and recycled cast iron constitute Syntech’s lower half. The legs are a column design with integrated power management, while the feet come in symmetrical or cantilevered styles.

Falcon's Flexible Syntech Training Tables

Falcon's Flexible Syntech Training Tables

Falcon's Flexible Syntech Training Tables

These lower extremities are handsome to be sure, but the best quality of Syntech’s legs and feet is that they can be paired up with the innumerable varieties of Falcon’s tabletops. At last count, this figure rang in at 31 and included such stylish offerings as plank and butcher with a block edge, cut sheet with a vinyl edge, polyvinyl foam top, and stainless steel (and there’s plenty more where these came from—check it out here). Other tempting options include modesty panels, tabletop plug and play power, and boomerang profiles for collaborative configurations like the Syntech Network Pad.

Syntech has the constraints of shared space in mind as well. Just like last year’s LEC Auditorium Chairs, Syntech gets you more bang per leg than other contract offerings—“the design can be freestanding or utilize a shared leg configuration designed to reduce leg obstructions and reduce cost.” This modular feature gives you the freedom to line up Syntech in a row or loop it into a great swooping U. In either case, the functionality is manifest, the contract problem solved, the space saved, and the bottom line well met.

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