Cubus InMotion by Team 7

Credenza is a word I didn’t learn until I started working as an architect. Buffet tables may have been more in line with the vocabulary of my Alaskan neighbors, but the first time I saw someone specify a credenza for an office conference room, I was at a loss. The credenza/buffet table/sideboard is a table that usually finds itself against a wall, providing storage and display space for a variety of uses.

Cubus InMotion. Manufactured by Team 7.

Cubus InMotion by Team 7. All Images via Team 7
TEAM 7 has designed the CUBUS InMotion Sideboard with a sliding feature that allows for easy access to the contents inside from both the front and top. A wide array of sizes, configurations, woods and glass colors are available to fit with any design needs. The well thought-out design utilizes a special ultra-silent closing mechanism to make sure the sideboard is seen and not heard.
Cubus InMotion by Team 7. All Images via Team 7
As is customary for TEAM 7 designed pieces, the CUBUS InMotion sideboard is beautiful and sustainable. Their hardwoods are all responsibly harvested and finished with non-toxic herbal oils and waxes. The TEAM 7 manufacturing plant and the Alfa board plant use over 80% renewable energy sources. The wood waste from the manufacturing process is used for heating the plant in winter.
Cubus InMotion by Team 7. All Images via Team 7

About the Company: Erwin Berghammer founded a small wood working company in Ried, Austria in 1959 which would later become TEAM 7. The TEAM 7 name was based on the number of management members in 1965. The economic downturn of the 1970’s pushed TEAM 7 to develop a niche market of “eco” furniture. Today, the company is a market leader in the eco-design furniture industry.

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