A Solo Venture: Keops Evolution Bathtub

If you’re short on space or on patience for others, the Keops Evolution Bathtub may be perfect for you. An economic tub, Evolution measures only 170 x 90 cm (67 x 35 in)—it is designed “just for one person.” Not that this fact means it’s short on luxury! Royo Group, the Spanish company behind this bathtub, believes in spoiling the lone soaker.

Keops Evolution Bathtub. Manufactured by Royo Group.

Tub and Furniture in One

Keops Evolution Bathtub. Manufactured by Royo Group.

The Keops Evolution tub comes with many spa-like features. The models get as luxurious as you desire. The simplest version, Standard, offers the acrylic bath, ergonomic handles, and a headrest. Essential adds water jet massage, and Serenity adds air jet massage. Energy gives the solitary bather lymphatic water massage, wave effect (air), white sub-aquatic light, automatic drying circuit, and an electronic system (built-in or via remote control). For a truly sybaritic experience, choose the model with the most features: Top Dynamic (aptly named) also adds dynamic jet massage, ozone therapy, aromatherapy, heat, and an LED control module.

Keops Evolution Bathtub. Manufactured by Royo Group.

As if this weren’t enough, Keops Evolution is actually more than just a bathtub—“the model fuses together the concept of furniture and bath.” A built-in unit surrounds the compact tub, giving you space to keep towels and bath products. The walnut shelving is available in black, white, or wood finishes. So lie back, relax, and enjoy the peaceful solitude of your bath—with everything you need in reach.

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About the Manufacturer: Royo Group has 35 years of experience in the field of bathroom fittings. Based in Spain, Royo Group grew throughout the 80s and 90s, becoming a truly international competitor in the bath furnishings market. Currently, the company seeks “to create atmospheres that contribute to the well-being through bathroom technologies, functionality and design.”

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