A Fitting Formula: Well-Designed WC Armatur Flush Handles by TECE

When a toilet doesn’t work, not many of us want to dwell on how it went awry. Thanks to TECE, a high quality bathroom fitting company, the engineering of your plumbing unit is taken care of. To top things off, they partner with some of the best designers from fitting manufacturing companies to make sure their WC Armatur flush handles look good too.

WC Armatur Flush Handle. Designed by Dornbracht. Manufactured by TECE.

Match Flush Handle to Bathroom Fittings: The Variety of WC Armatur Handles by Famous Fitting Manufacturers and TECE.

“The flush handle is based on a new, integrated concept: As a supplement to many fitting series, it matches their design. Thanks to its special mechanism, it can, like them, be actuated by turning,” says the TECE website about their WC Armatur flush handles. Providing a sense of calm to any bathroom scene, TECE told the designers – also known as the “fitting manufacturers” – to worry only about the look of the handle. Within the contraption, they’d take care of the rest, which includes the engineering of a rotary mechanism and cistern.

WC Armatur Flush Handle. Designed by Dornbracht. Manufactured by TECE.

A flush handle that looks like the rest of the bathroom fittings is a unique solution to a centuries-old issue to an otherwise un-designed approach to toilet fittings. Because the user now experiences a satisfying, high-quality mechanical function as well as a matching fitting that works in unison with faucets and handles from the bath or lavatory, TECE has succeeded in creating designs alongside renowned fittings manufacturers such as Dornbracht, Emco, Hansa, Jado Lighthouse, Kludi, and others.

WC Armatur Flush Handle. Designed by Dornbracht. Manufactured by TECE.

Whether your flush handle looks divine or works like charm, leave the methods and technical practice up to a company that follows through on both accounts. TECE and their WC Armatur flush handles go above and beyond the call of plumbing duty.

About the Manufacturer: TECE was founded in 1955 and its roots lie in practice: The corporate group originated from an engineering office – and now, with its range of products and services, TECE covers all building service applications: from pipe systems and flushing technology through to drainage technology and grease separators. TECE products are manufactured in five production plants and are sold throughout the world.

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