Seiger Design & Dornbracht Present Just Rain

Put together one of Europe’s best design offices with one of the continent’s best fittings companies, and you’re sure to strike gold. Envisioned by Seiger Design–the firm begun by Dieter Seiger and now run by his sons Christian and Michael–Just Rain presents a new shower experience. Realized by Dornbracht–the company responsible for the award-winning Tara and Supernova–Just Rain captures “rain in all its forms.”

Just Rain. Designed by Seiger Design & Dornbracht.

From the hot rain of the South American jungle to the cold sprinkle of the Big Bear Mountains, Just Rain delivers. Using either the xTOOL thermostat module or the xSTREAM single-lever mixer for wall mounting, the fixture lets you control temperature and intensity: “And so that the rain is distributed as advantageously as possible, the sprays are arranged to suit the shape of the human body.”

Seiger Design & Dornbracht Present Just Rain

Part of Dornbracht’s Performing Shower Collection, Just Rain seeks to contribute to the German company’s mastery of “water competence in the shower.” Delivered in strong, massaging jets and soft, relaxing sprinkles, water comes to you in exactly the way you desire. From one, two, three or multiple water sources, from one angle or many, Dornbracht’s “encounter with water could hardly get more varied.” The name says it all–Seiger Design and Dornbracht joined forces under one umbrella in order to bring you water. If you’re looking for a rain shower, then Just Rain fits the bill.

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