True Refrigeration’s Professional Series Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers

When I first laid eyes on True Refrigeration’s latest series of under-counter refrigerator drawers, I wasn’t taken in by the stainless steel interior, nor the eye-friendly white LED lighting, not even the performance display customized digital controller. In point of fact, I was most impressed by the dashing “True” logo.

Professional Series Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers. Manufactured by True Refrigeration.

True Refrigerators are Truly Functional in the Kitchen

As it happens, True’s distinctive logo isn’t merely an attempt at high retro appeal but rather the very same emblem that’s signified True Refrigeration’s 60-year reputation for quality refrigeration in “fine hotels and restaurants throughout the world.” Neither does it hurt that the emblem is a dead ringer for that of Cadillac’s.

Professional Series Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers. Manufactured by True Refrigeration.

On that score, one might fairly make the claim that True is the Cadillac of refrigeration, and that the 5.6 cu. ft. undercounter refrigerator drawers are a millennial incarnation. These seamlessly-integrated stainless steel beauties easily add a significant quantity of terrain to store your cold comestibles (and/or drinkables).

Professional Series Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers. Manufactured by True Refrigeration.

The undercounter cold storage units boast True Refrigeration’s patented True-glide self-closing technology “for smooth, quiet operation and a compact size, measuring 24 in. wide.” The drawers are spacious enough to deed significant flexibility, accommodating everything from a Tall Boy to an unusually leggy Pinot Grigio—and, of course, any variety of fruit, vegetable, or protein in your immediate future.

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About the Manufacturer: If you’ve ever been behind a bar—not some basement set-up with a pony keg, mind you, but a real bar—than chances are you’re familiar with True Refrigeration. The company’s products are the industry standard in commercial under-counter refrigeration, and the true logo can be seen across the continents, as the units remain busy at chilling imbibements for some of the world’s best restaurants and hotels. Lucky for us, True’s latest line is geared towards residential hospitality. The Private Reserve Collection of undercounter wine and beverage refrigerators constitutes a commercial standard for home refrigeration: “designed specifically for those that demand perfection, True’s Private Reserve Collection provides superior performance with unparalleled features… inspired by professionals, built by experts, designed for you.”

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