Wink, Wink: Ellipse Sink by Eleek

Readers of 3rings are likely already familiar with the whimsical lighting of Eleek Inc. Their Calliope Chandelier looks part disco ball and part artichoke; and their Pod pendant lamp is half spacecraft and half censer. But did you know that Eleek Inc. also makes sinks? Their cast metal sinks are made of 90% recycled cast silicon bronze and 100% recycled cast aluminum—and they look like something resurrected from the set of Blade Runner.

The Ellipse Sink. Designed and manufactured by Eleek, Inc.

Uncommonly Shaped Kitchen Sink

The unusually shaped Ellipse is a two-sided colander sink: one side “achieves its strainer effect with a slotted floor,” while the other, “drain side is flat for stacking glasses.” At a modest size (Ellipse measures 8 3/8″ H x 24″ W x 15 7/8″ D), this sink is a good choice for small kitchens. It can also be used as an interesting second kitchen sink, perhaps in an island or bar. Besides the beautiful bronze, which has a smooth finish, Ellipse can be treated with artist patinas—oil-rubbed bronze, Masala Red or Golden Amber. And since it resembles an open eye, you’ll always feel that you have company: Ellipse is perpetually watching over you!

Ellipse Sink designed and manufactured by Eleek, Inc.

About the Manufacturer: Eleek Inc. began in 2000 when designer and patternmaker Eric Kaster joined forces with Sattie Clark. Headquartered in Portland, Eleek Inc. produces lighting, sinks, hardware, and tiles. As a former patternmaker, Eric Kaster knows how to work with wood and metal, since the technique involves using wooden forms (wood positives) to make metal castings. His old-world techniques are evident in all of Eleek’s pieces, which “sometimes feel old, like relics recovered from archeological ruins.” But Eleek also offers simpler, modern products.

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