Solpuri’s Lagoon Daybed

Many people I know have the occasional luxury of being treated to a dinner, or a day, or an entire weekend by that one well-to-do friend, family member, or step-relation. In my case, last year my step brother funded a couple of days beachside at his house in the Bahamas, whose scenic splendor bears a nifty resemblance to the mise-en-scene chosen by manufacturer Solpuri to show their Lagoon Daybed in the most propitious light. As chance would have it, his place has a weathered gray section of deck right near the surf—very like the perfect perch chosen to advertise Lagoon’s plush and pillowy mattress, its comely curvaceous silhouette, its slick retractable parasol.

Lagoon Daybed. Designed by Solpuri.

Doze the Day Away in the Circular Lagoon Day Bed

The latter feature would be well-employed indeed on any coast or isolated isle, as it not only protects from the harsher of the sun’s overhead rays, but also cuts the occasional ocean spray, or tampers noise from the sometimes raucous festivities of fellow beach goers. Of course, that’s not to say that Lagoon is exclusively for beachside use. The piece would work equally well poolside, or riverside, or even deckside in the humble backyard of your very own humble abode. The circular mattress is soft and spacious enough to stretch out every which way, so it’s just the ticket for catching up on your zeees of an early spring Saturday—or just catching a quick mid-morning cat nap when you’ve managed to steal away.


Via Trendir.

About the Manufacturer: Two of Munich-based Solpuri’s lines boast equally alluring taglines: “Sol: because it’s the sun that makes beauty come alive,” and “Puri: because the art of beauty lies in simplicity.” Those phrases really say all you need to know about this manufacturer that specializes in outdoor furniture. Solpuri ascribes to the notion that a good bit of happiness is to be found in mere contented relaxation in the open air. To that end, they craft durable, simple, pleasurable objects that facilitate this most fundamental of human pastimes. Their outdoor line includes daybeds, loveseats, chairs, armchairs, and many-a-table.

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