Slick New Induction Cooktop from Whirlpool

One thing I love about Whirlpool’s latest induction cooktop is the necessary synergy it creates between heat source and cooking implement. Admittedly, this is more of a philosophical pleasure than anything, since it reminds me of the perpetually abstract contention concerning a tree falling in the forest. As readers may or may not agree, when said natural event occurs, and if there happen to be no functioning ears in proximity, it makes no sound. Just so with induction technology. If Whirlpool’s model GCI3061XB should happen to be left on with nary a pot nor pan in contact, it generates no heat. The impressive technology uses electromagnetic waves to transmit heat only to the magnetic receptacle—in this case, anything you wish to use in order to heat, sear, sautee, or fricassee your desired comestible.

GCI3061XB. Designed by Whirlpool.

Whirlpool’s Induction Technology is Eco-Savvy and Energy-Efficient

Whirlpool’s induction hobs require no special cookery. As long as the implement in question is magnetic, it will work (simply apply a magnet to confirm). The obvious upshot of the technology is incredibly efficient heating. Since heat is not generated ambiently, there is minimal atmospheric loss and energy is almost exclusively applied to heating the cookware. The numbers are quite impressive: 90 percent of energy transferred directly to cookware, water boils up to 52% faster, 25% lower energy expenditure than ceramic cooktops and 58% less than gas. Glass touch controls offer easy user interface, and the “eco-friendly Schott Cheran cooktop” not only looks nice and clean, it’s easy to keep that way.

Via KbbOnline.

About the Manufacturer: One of the globe’s most recognizable purveyors of appliances, Whirlpool boasted annual sales of approximately $17 billion in 2009. With some 67,000 employees and 67 manufacturing and research centers around the world, the company is forever devising innovative solutions to make the domestic sphere run more smoothly. With the onset of the new millennium, Whirlpool has enthusiastically embraced an environmental/sustainable ethos. The firm continually refines and perfects new incarnations of Energy star appliances, “like the new Duet washer which uses 82 percent less water and 86 percent less energy than a traditional top load washer manufactured before 2004.” Whirlpool’s extensive product offerings include washers, dryers, cooktops, ovens, refrigerators, icemakers, wine coolers, and freezers.

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