Organic Textures of the New Varia Ecoresin Surfaces by 3Form

A company whose reputation has already been based on their use of eco-friendly materials, 3form has new designs in what they’re calling Varia Ecoresin product line – launched at ICFF – that embrace the great outdoors in indoor paneling as if it were a beautiful specimen of mother nature.

Launched at ICFF, 3form’s New Varia Ecoresin Surfaces Inspire the Great Outdoors

New Varia Ecoresin Surfaces

Varia Ecoresin. Designed by 3Form.

Using an interlayer design of thin forest branches or a texture reminiscent of rippling glacial water, the movement within the Varia Ecoresin panels inspire us to bring nature in using an architectural form. Beside the two designs featured, the Varia Ecoresin line comes in a wide assortment of wavy Current designs, wood-inspired Timber designs, solid colors, etc. Each evoke a sense of nature through an all-natural display that works well as a room partition or semi-transparent office barrier to create separate spaces and yet allow light

New Varia Ecoresin Surfaces

Made from 40% pre-consumer recycled materials, the translucent sheets are designed for custom jobs given their 48″ x 96″ and 8″ x 8″ size options. In addition to the standard lengths and widths, the Varia Ecoresin panels also come in up to eight different gauge choices, from 1/16″ to 1″, depending upon the thickness desired.

Varia Ecoresin designed and manufactured by 3Form

“These rich new water-­‐inspired textures and beautiful organic interlayers add extra depth and character to the Varia Ecoresin product line, said Jill Canales, Senior VP of Marketing and Design at 3form. “We’re really excited about the way these new creations transform a space and offer multiple, unique options for designers.”

About the Manufacturer: 3form is a passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable group ready to assist with simple design specification, as well as the most complex custom design solutions. Their cross-functional team of trained architects, material engineers, and structural experts, familiar with the unique properties of 3form materials, can realize and expand an innovative vision. From materials that break the mold to those that are sustainable, 3form has created a breadth and depth of offerings that make the connection from inspiration to installation seamless and uniquely yours.

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