WYNIL at La Maison Éphémère

WYNIL at La Maison Éphémère

La Maison Éphémère at Vancouver Design Week continues today. This all-too-brief two-day event hosts furniture and decor designers from the Quebec province in recognition of their visit to the Northwest. Last week, we profiled custom surface fabricators Johnstone Architectural Concrete. This week we’re looking at the custom murals and large-format fine art prints by Montreal-based WYNIL, a division of NumérArt.

WYNIL art prints at show
WYNIL swatches
Close-up view of wallpaper with abstract pattern in muted whites and browns
Images from WYNIL’s booth at La Maison Éphémère. Photo Credit: Martin Knowles Photo/Media.

And these are large murals indeed. The company—a collaborative team of photographers, designers, printing specialists, image retouchers, and installers—does all the heavy lifting inherent in the process of making stunning, wall-sized decorative coverings, as large as 50 feet across.

L'oréal custom installation with red walls and gold starbursts
L'Oréal Toronto pink walls with positive messages
WYNIL custom L'Oréal installation with roses
Custom installation by WYNIL at L’Oréal – Toronto

WYNIL owner, Patrick Pepin, developed an innovative photography technique and parlayed this into an extensive bank of HyperHD images, each of which are available for clients wishing to create a unique slant on any of these images.

Barnwood, Textures Collection
Wynil wallpapear that looks like polished concrete
Painted concrete, Textures Collection
classic photo of French balconies and windows in black and white
Paris Windows

The examples above include images from Pepin’s “Textures” collection, featuring exacting reproductions of materials like stone, brick, and wood; and the Paris collection, offering iconic images from the city by the Seine.

WYNIL also performs custom installations with photography provided by clients and/or created by WYNIL for unique branding. Another option is the Artists Collection (below), featuring original art by Pepin and others including Whitman Emorson, Martin Luce, and Kate Golding.

WYNIL installation at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Custom Installation, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Abstract shapes that look like jagged rocks from the Artists Collection
Artists Collection, Alekandra Krakowiak, known as OLA
wallpaer wiith cute houses in winter scene
Historical Home by artist Kate Golding

WYNIL aspires towards a synergy of technical expertise and artistry. Their extensive library of compelling images, coupled with the dedication of their experienced staff, enables them to meet their objective of creating customized decor, “helping clients to access the desired emotion through every image printed in our workshop.”

Trees in autumn with fallen leaves and golden sun
Autumn Trees at Shriner’s Hospital for Children, Montreal

Get further details at WYNIL. And check out more large-format wall coverings at 3rings.

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