NeoCon Preview: Kontour Lounge Series by Davis Furniture

If the forthcoming Kontour Lounge Series of contract seating looks familiar to you, it’s probably because you’ve seen its ilk before. At least, that is, if the extensive range of ultra-functional office ware designed by Wolfgang C.R. Mezger has passed previously across your purview.

As to the latter, the chances are indeed good that they have. For Mezger has put in many-a-year re-conceiving and re-capitulating the modern office, the auspicious byproducts of this effort taking the shape of the Milano Classic Stacking Chair, Zeno conference/auditorium seating, and the amazingly thin Mason Table. With Kontour—forthcoming in a few short weeks at NeoCon 2011—Mezger has once again contributed mightily to the contemporary lexicon of contract A&D.

Kontour Lounge. Manufactured by DAVIS Furniture.

Kontour is a modular lounge series that opens up myriad possibilities for public seating.

The upholstered Kontour consists of a variety of curved and straight elements that are easy to build up, take apart, and reconfigure. Kontour’s easy assembly and break down—coupled with the compatibility and connectability between straight and curved pieces—makes it simple to define space and control traffic flow.

Kontour Lounge Series by DAVIS Furniture at NeoCon 2011

The latter is manifest in Manufacturer Davis Furniture’s suggestions for different configurations: run Kontour in a tight, long rectangle with a criss-crossing seat back to equip a lengthy corridor; or arc Kontour out in a lazy languorous curve to create the most intimate of public spaces. Whatever arrangement strikes your fancy, Kontour remains ultra-functional and stylish. Options for Kontour include matching privacy screens, ottomans, tables, and ports for power and data.

Kontour Lounge Series by DAVIS Furniture at NeoCon 2011

About the Manufacturer: From humble post WWII beginnings as an upholstery shop to today’s prominence among high end contract furnishings, Hight Point, NC’s Davis Furniture has always kept things in the family. The firm’s lineage spans several generations of Davises, each of whom has put in their version of a good two cents. This familial collaboration has resulted in evocative and functional pieces like the Mikado Lounge, Zeno Stackable seating, and the Webb Executive range of task chairs.

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