Maluma for Modus by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Maluma for Modus by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Embodying the pure joie de vivre of a serpintining conga line, Maluma connects and rambles, rotates and snakes in a curvaceous form that facilitates community.

Maluma chairs in brown, three chairs and one ottoman

Comprised of an arm-less lounger, back-less seat, and integrated tables, Maluma offers options: the unique ganging mechanism lets users arrange the components in a perfectly straight line or set them off at slight angles to each other.

Two images: one of chair, table ottoman and the other a detail of fabric

Thus, this inspired sectional seating can create “free-form, bead-like strings, organic waves, rings, arches and snaking lines, or more regimented, linear seating, whatever suits the space.”

Maluma blue snaking

Maluma is available in different frames and a bevy of upholstery. The tables come in veneer, lino, or Fenix HPL on a plywood core or 100% recycled plastic, for a choice of more than 25 finishes. There’s even a candy-colored, speckled “white lollipop” option to further up the joy quotient.

Detail of blue ottoman and table
Detail brown chair and table with glass of water

See Modus to find out more.

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