Ludic LED Luminaire: Sly Lamp by DING3000

Boil down a traditional pendant lamp into its essential qualities and you’ve got Sly Lamp. With its strips of LED lights tucked into the simple outline of a lamp, this luminaire plays an allusive/illusive game. Shaped like many a dome light dating from the mid century, Sly Lamp combines the form of a traditional suspension light with today’s energy-saving lighting technology.

Sly Lamp. Designed by DING3000.

Pared Down Pendant

Designed by a trio of designers who work in Hanover, Germany under the company name of DING3000, Sly Lamp revels in a sleight of hand. From certain angles, the light looks much more substantial than it is—the eyes fill out the negative space and close the circle, so to speak. Up close, however, there is no denying the lamp’s utter simplicity: Sly Lamp represents both a lamp and the idea of a lamp. This suspension light suspends the viewer between the realms of reality and representation.

The sinuous contours of Sly Lamp also recall something spacey—a planet, satellite, or flying saucer. Let DING3000’s creation hover above your head for an otherworldly experience. Sly Lamp is available through the online retailer SKITSCH.

Sly Lamp designed by Ding3000

Sly Lamp designed by Ding3000

About the Designer: DING3000 is a collective design studio composed of an interesting trio, all of whom studied in Hanover: Carsten Schelling, Sven Rudolph, and Ralf Webermann. Since its inception in 2005, the company has designed furniture, lighting, and home accessories. DING3000 is known for products “characterized by profound and charming ideas.”

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