Homapal Holz Reconstituted Wood Veneer Laminate

As an architect, plastic laminate is the bane of my existence. On the journey to staying true to materials, being green, and providing long lasting design, plastic laminate rarely beats the cut. Wood grain plastic laminate is one of the worst, as it takes a solid, living material and turns in into a chemical, flimsy top coat. That being said, companies are making an effort to incorporate real wood into wood plastic laminates in the form of veneers, which can be attractive as well as sustainable.

Homapal Holz. Designed by Homapal Holz.

Real Plastic Laminate by Homapal

Homapal Holz is a series of high pressure laminate that is made from reconstituted veneer. All the timber used comes from managed forests which is harvested, peeled and rejoined into layers which are pressed to create a reconstituted block. As the veneers are joined, different dyes and layering techniques are used to reproduce patterns of wood that range from standard to exotic. The pressed blocks are then sliced into the finished veneer which is pressed into laminate and sealed for protection.

Homapal Holz veneers are special for their sustainability as well as their style. Unlike many plastic laminates, the veneers have a textural quality that adds to the realistic look of wood. Wall panels and furniture made with Holz has a richness that is usually missing when plastic laminates are used.

Homapal Holz in Ebony
Homapal Holz in Ebony
Homapal Holz in Limed Oak

About the Company: Homapal Holz is a manufacturer of high quality laminates that focus on real materials. Homapal Metal, Homapal Slate and Homapal Holz capture metal, wood and slate in a laminate resulting in a durable, lasting material. Homapal also makes a magnetic chalkboard that is great for both kids and grownups alike.

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