Coming Soon: GRUPO MOBILFRESNO’s Alluring Abril Collection

If you were to do a web search for “team mobil fresno” (and I’ve done several, so I know), chances are you’d come up with a slew of wireless and cell phone providers for a semi-obscure city in middle California. That’s because the furniture manufacturer with the aforementioned moniker may have quite a presence in Murcia, Spain, but has yet to make the proverbial splash on the world scene. Expect all that to change come this April’s Salone de Mobile when the manufacturer and exporter debuts “Abril“–a collection of furnishings for dining and bedroom that evince an intriguing synthesis between classic and contemporary.

High-back arm chair, apart of the Abril Collection. Designed by GRUPO MOBILFRESNO.

For this particular collection, the pr folks at MOBILFRESNO have done themselves proud. The Latinate descriptions of these dining chairs, bed frames, and bureaus rival Garcia Lorca for his floridity, Antonio Machado for his mellifluous turns of phrase. These aren’t just furnishings were dealing with, but a distinctive palette of material and tone “suffused with the self-same light of the serenity and elegance of April”; not your typical chest of drawers or high-back chairs, but pieces “graced with the light touch of the cosmopolitan, possessed of distinctive character and rife with imaginative possibility.”






So perhaps something is a bit lost in the translation, but you get the idea. Abril is aesthetically unified around a distinctive lower silhouette–the ornately curved legs that ally the individual pieces with the age of Louis XV (and Axis FormLAB’s recent Commode Buffet and Wine Rack). But the achievement of Abril goes beyond the re-visitation of Rococo, because everything about the collection is sublimely contemporary. From the high utility of the writing desk; to the bold fusion of upholstery and veneers in vibrant blues, browns, and blacks; to the attractive integration of glass, wood, and hammered metal, Abril achieves what its scribes aspire to: “an unchained expression of sensation culminating in a languorous poem for the eyes.”

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