Get in the Groove with Quincy

When I hear the name Quincy, two things come to mind: a very bad medical drama and the American composer Quincy Jones. That said, the name has a nice ring to it. And now there is a new association to apply to the name—that of the Quincy table.

Quincy table. Designed by N. Garnham for Jardan.

Simple and Supple Australian Oak Tables

Designed by N. Garnham and manufactured by Jardan, Quincy features “deep soulful lines” and a “rhythmic flow like no other.” Using traditional joinery techniques, the Quincy line of tables showcases the beauty of wood. With its sculptured legs, the table is as refined as it is simple. The rectangular Quincy, which comes in five sizes, has rounded corners that soften the form and echo the taper of the legs. If you like perfect symmetry, then opt for the Quincy table in a circle or square shape.

Quincy table. Designed by N. Garnham for Jardan.

Quincy table. Designed by N. Garnham for Jardan.

Quincy is made to order from solid American oak and available in an array of stains. Place the large rectangular Quincy in an office, where its smooth expanse offers enough space to spread out books or architectural blueprints. Choose the circular Quincy as a dining table, where its “highly refined, tactile aesthetic” will intensify the sensory experience of a good meal. Quincy is versatile, so it works easily in commercial and residential settings.

About the Manufacturer: Jardan is an Australian company that prides itself on creating sustainable products: their entire range is accredited with the GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia). Made in Melbourne, Jardan’s furniture includes “comfy sofas, desirable chairs, versatile tables, and detailed beds.”

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