End Grain Veneer by Rohol

Though Rohol's intriguing End Grain Veneer may appear to have been conceived of and created by the Austrian manufacturer self-styled as "the veneermaker," my conscience would force me to confess that it was I who first conceived of the end grain aesthetic, one snowy January afternoon upon admiring the aesthetic aspects of my neighbor's wood pile, in fact. I jest, of course, though it did occur to me at the time, looking at the matched circumferences of the cut log ends, that one ought to harness the look for some A&D purpose or another.

Wood's Essence Coalesces into Beautiful Veneers

So it is with Rohol's End Grain Processing technology. The veneers are created by precision sawing of raw logs, "comparable with the cut of jewels… through competent cutting the incomparable characteristics of each specie of wood in colour, structure and grain will appear." I would very much like to see said process, since the band saws I've seen at work cutting logs lengthwise left much to be desired both in terms of the uniformity of the cut and the sawdust waste. Rohol, to the contrary, can boast of scant resource loss in this capacity, with "no accrual of sawdust," as well as an enviable efficiency: "from one solid cubic meter raw log 1.000 m2 veneers can be produced."

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It would also seem that Rohol's slicing savvy is not limited to any single species of wood. Choices include Oak, Beech, Maple, Nut, Robinie, and Larch, each of which are offered either as "loose discs for processing," or as expansive laminate sheets, "put together to extensive veneer decks and glued on cores." In this incarnation, the end grain laminates can be used in any application you might dream up for conventional laminates, including but not limited to cabinet and drawer facing, facades, countertops, wall coverings, exhibition displays, and furniture. That last item is what I first envisioned (specifically, in the form of a woodsy yet modern coffee table) when I admired my neighbor's stack of complementary, concentric pine, but I never dreamed the notion could take root in Rohol's impressive selection of mesmerizing end grain veneers, inimitably characterized by same as "hundred per cent a natural product… nature in the essence, let it sink in for a moment."

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