Endless Modular Lighting System by Jason Miller

One of the new products from Roll & Hill lighting is Endless. This modular lighting system was presented at ICFF 2011, among other unique offerings from the lighting firm headed by designer Jason Miller. A changeable lighting option, Endless uses half-cylinder units that can be joined back-to-back or end-to-end. The result of Endless is exactly where the light gets its name: the possibilities are endless.

Endless Modular Lighting. Designed by Jason Miller for Roll & Hill.

Snap Together Tubes for Endless Possibilities

Endless works as a hanging light and as a wall light, but it’s the chandeliering option that steals the show. By hanging Endless in different configurations, “large installations can be used to define space.” The tube lights begin to carve out a blueprint, indicating where rooms begin and end.

Endless Modular Lighting designed by Jason Miller

Snap together sections of Endless to demarcate a conference room. The futuristic aspect of Endless is perfect above a piece such as The World’s Longest Table for All Cultures. Or string a long, winding path of Endless along the office’s hallways. If the halls were constructed from Chrysalis architectural panels, then the look could be something out of Dr. Strangelove. Endless reminds me of many things tubular—subways, trains, and time capsules, for instance. But what I love most of all is the system’s resemblance to bank tubes and their capsule pipelines. When I look at Endless, I can almost hear the swish of the vacuum!

Endless Modular Lighting designed by Jason Miller

Endless Modular Lighting designed by Jason Miller

About the Manufacturer: Roll & Hill manufactures high-end contemporary lighting. The New York-based company was launched in 2010 by designer Jason Miller, who earned his stripes creating the popular Superordinate Antler Lamps. Roll & Hill produces original lighting by both American and international designers.

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Posted May 26, 2011 by Alicita Rodriguez

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