An ICFF Preview: Brooklyn’s Lights Up! Lights Up Your Life with the Weegee Lamp Collection

There’s a good reason Brooklyn-based Lights Up! has chosen to display their affable Weegee Table Lamp on a burnished bedside table flanked by an even more burnished backing of weathered pine paneling. The lamp has the homey feel and consummately kitschy ethos of a modest mid-century get-away enclave—perhaps in the woods of Wisconsin or on the periphery of Minnesota’s lake country. The piece—as with much of Lights UP!’s endearing collection of floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling lamps, and sconces—is casual, yet stylish. It possesses the vaunted versatility of many mid-century favorites, allowing its easy insinuation into much millennial décor.

Weegee Table Lamp. Designed by Lights Up!.

Weegee’s Many Shapes and Multiple Styles

Weegee is one of Lights Up!’s extensive families of lightpieces that take several forms. The collection thus includes table lamps, floor lamps, and ceiling pendants, which will make it a snap to outfit your mid-century revamp. But perhaps Weegee’s most enviable quality is its variety of stylish shades. These seem to be of two minds: solid and staid with a dash of flash (colors include Platinum Silk Glow, White Linen, Red Dupioni Silk, and Burnished Chintz); and daringly graphic, as in the country-chic Red Mumm, the light and lovely Snowflake, the woodsy Faux Bois Dark, and the picturesque Black Gingko Leaf.

Weegee Lamp Collection by Lights Up! at ICFF

Weegee Lamp Collection by Lights Up! at ICFF

Weegee Lamp Collection by Lights Up! at ICFF

About the Manufacturer: The ethos of Brooklyn’s Lights Up! seems of a piece with the aesthetic of their line of versatile and engaging floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling lamps, and sconces. In regards to their Weegee line (showing at this month’s ICFF), they say it’s “great for reading, talking with friends, forgiving your family, and finding lost toys.” I’m on board with points 1, 2, and 4, but as to forgiving your family, I’m not sure that even the warm whimsicality and loving illuminations of Lights Up! can facilitate that tall order… The company’s 24+ years in business shows that their clientele, as well as their home base of “downtown industrial Brooklyn,” has always held them, and their products, in high regard.

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