At ICFF: The Soho Suspension Lamp by Joan Gaspar for Marset

For all New York City enthusiasts, Soho is presented as a statement. For all who attended ICFF this year, the Soho Suspension Lamp by Joan Gaspar for Marset had the same dramatic effect when rounding the aisles dedicated to Spain.

Soho Suspension. Designed by Joan Gaspar for Marset.

Indoor or Outdoor Versions of the Soho Suspension Lamp by Joan Gaspar for Marset Create Ambiance

“In recognition of the merits of the lamps traditionally used in markets, taverns and cafeterias,” the product description reads, the Soho Suspension Lamp hangs with conviction. Hard not to notice it’s prominence among the other designs nearby, its gaping center creates the kind of illumination that can tackle an entire room. In its 112cm diameter model, the Soho is designed to just that. But if adding it as a dining table chandelier replacement, the 57cm model produces enough light to create the ambiance desired.

Soho Suspension Lamp designed by Joan Gaspar for Marset at ICFF

Soho is made using a rotary-moulded polyethylene, making it large sizes possible. Within the surface of its massive shade, it uses a high-performance perspex diffuser to produce the even light quality. Since With a diameter of 112 cm, it has been conceived for large spaces, while the 57cm model is ideal for lighting a dining table – both are available in outdoor models as well, good for porches, garden dining, and terraces.

Soho Suspension Lamp designed by Joan Gaspar for Marset at ICFF

Completing the enthusiasm we feel for Soho in general,  a high-performance perspex diffuser produces a light quality in two different glows. In the translucent white, the entire shade emits light whereas the deep brown shade emits straight light from underneath.

Created in the 1940s as a family business dedicated to casting metals, Marset has applied the knowledge acquired from decades of experience to make it a trademark of lighting designs with a young outlook, together with a solid market presence and global vocation. Through the application of technical precision and creativity, with the aim of discovering new functions and providing other uses, Marset looks towards the future. Its products are sold in more than forty countries, and as it enters each new market it turns to designers from different backgrounds with an international perspective.

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