An ICFF Preview: Ilios’ Katkat Shelving System by Mehtap Obuz

As a somewhat new roommate to two, one-year old boy cats who have transformed my apartment into a playground that requires heavy-childproofing, I adore the title given to Mehtap Obuz’s shelving system: Katkat. A stacking idea or one that can be used as a single stool, the color variations are as plentiful as its purpose and height.

The Modular Katkat Shelves by Ilio.

Stack or Sit into the Katkat: A New Shelving System by Mehtap Obuz for Ilio

The Katkat comes in Oak, Walnut and African Padouk and is left a natural color for a nice warm finish. Although stacking size varies greatly based on the individual project, the size of one unit is 40 cm x 30 cm x 55 cm.

Katkat Shelving System designed by Mehtap Obuz for Ilios at ICFF

Combine deep red shades with natural finished stools and stack in either direction. The vertical shelves fit together with a wide base, showing off their ultra modular, simplified look that won’t be easily shoved around in the furniture ring (or with a team of playing cats).

Katkat Shelving System designed by Mehtap Obuz for Ilios at ICFF

Ilio is the brand that Demirden Design established in 2007 with the help of Design Director, Mehtap Obuz, and her history of jewelry design, architecture, and industrial design. They company’s founding is based upon getting along well with nature. The Ilio tableware, furniture, and accessories use this concept to bring their forms to life one piece at a time.

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