Ciprian TOCU and Attila KIM Present the LUNDI et DEMI Couch

How many times have you been seated at your couch and suddenly felt an insatiable urge to reverse your position? Or face away from rather than next to your present companion? Or just desired a better resting position for your hands? Romanian manufacturer LUNDI et DEMI may have the solution to this seemingly intractable problem, even if you only conceived of such an answer in dreams. The LUNDI et DEMI Couch appears normal enough—it’s a rigid foam affair with a wooden platform structure and clean, appealing contemporary lines. Who knew it could literally break in half? Appending out this way or that with only a flexible, accordion-like lifeline to keep it of a piece?

LUNDI et DEMI Couch. Designed by Ciprian TOCU and Attila KIM.

The LUNDI et DEMI Couch is Modular and Ergonomic

Designer Ciprian TOCU and architect Attila KIM, that’s who. For they’re the dynamic duo who outfitted this piece with its connective cord, giving it the conventionality of a traditional piece and the novelty of what is, essentially, a modular living room ensemble. The couch is actually in three sections, each linked by the telescoping band beneath that retracts (and is thus completely hidden from view) in typical couch mode and extends as you “break” the individual units to create a loveseat and chair, or three separate chairs, or a contract style arrangement with seating that makes an economical use of space but never forces you to engage your neighbor head-on. The innovation facilitates this kind of vaunted flexibility as it makes an assertive aesthetic statement. And if you should tire of any given arrangement, simply push it all together again and Voila!, you’re back to your handsome and sturdy living room couch.


About the Manufacturer: Emerging firm LUNDI et DEMI was founded by designer Ciprian TOCU and architect Attila KIM back in 2009. In the two short years since the company’s inception they’ve been nominated for a Mies van der Rohe prize and for the Interior Architecture and Scenography Prize of the Bucharest Architecture Biennial. They’ve also taken home the Grand Prize of the Romanian Chamber of Architects for Transylvania. At this year’s recent Salone exhibit, LUNDI et DEMI participated as part of the “Young Talents on Show” satellite for Elle Decoration. Their featured work included the innovative and exciting LUNDI et DEMI Couch—the perfect piece to showcase their philosophy of “exploring a new perspective, focusing on the communication between the proposed object, its users and their architectural spaces.”

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