Archaic Wood Furniture by Denis Milovanov

The death of a tree can come about in many ways. Natural disasters, man, and the inherent life cycle of the tree may determine its life span, which could be as short as a few years through a few thousand. I've been learning a lot about street trees lately, that is, trees whose home is an urban environment which is most likely full of cars, pavement and a lack of sunlight. The life span of a tree may seem indefinite when compared to the human life span, but at some point the tree will die, and when it does, Denis Milovanov will be there to transition it to its next life.

№4. oak, natural oil finish, h-64cm. Designed by Denis Milovanov.

Carved Back To Life

I like the look of the Solid Wood Furniture collection by Denis Milovanov for its honestly and archaic quality. Milovanov is a Russian woodworker who believes in using dead or damaged trees for his art. Simplicity seems like too dull a word, because the sculptural pieces of wood are more thought out and designed than simple, although the end result is uncomplicated in appearance. In a very different way than MINE furniture by Mati Karmin, Solid Wood Furniture has a medieval form, albeit a more peaceful one.

Wood Furniture
Wood Furniture
Wood Furniture
Wood Furniture

About the Designer: Denis Milovanov lives and works in Moscow as a specialty woodworker after graduating from art school. His work with solid wood is the completion of a life cycle, work in which he feels a deep connection to nature and the essence of each unique piece. Milovanov uses only natural oils on his work, allowing them to continue to age with grace.

"My works in I only use natural wood of dead or damaged trees, the age which reaches 250-300 years. Thereby keeping them from further destruction in the outdoor environment, and giving them a second life in sculptural objects and furniture of simple organic forms."

via Contemporist

Posted April 6, 2011 by Amanda Smith

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