The Iglu “Apple” Daybed by Skyline Design

We seem to be having a bit of an early Spring round these parts (Asheville, NC): yellow jonquils in full glory, eager tulips rosy red… I’ve even seen a few roadside lupine—purple and pert and biding their time amid the burgeoning grass until someone pops off their heads with the year’s first pass of the mower. I don’t much like that latter task, but I do love lounging about in the season’s beneficent sun, which is what Skyline Design has in mind for their new Iglu “Apple” wicker daybed. Though this particular piece’s name may appear to wreak a bit of havoc with my seasonal metaphor, the moniker actually fills the bill, as Iglu is versatile enough to carve out a functional niche whatever the month.

Iglu “Apple.” Designed by Skyline Design.

A Convertible Among Daybeds

Certainly Iglu would make a fitting perch for two deck side of an autumn eve, huge harvest moon overhead; and doubtless it satisfies the yen for a springtime frolic, just cozy enough to ward off the slight chill of dusk; as for summer, well that goes without saying. The wildcard in this formula is, of course, wintertime, when the Iglu’s woven wicker construction might let in just a bit too much frigid air to be entirely enjoyable; perhaps if it were inside the actual igloo, fireside and frightfully warm and comfortable to boot, it would make its users happy as clams.

The Iglu
The Iglu

As regards the upcoming season, however, Iglu’s versatility is just the ticket: the entire upper half comes off, and, being of wicker, is easily transported to a temporary place of repose until the sun sets. Neither should you expect Iglu to be some fly-by-night affair. As with all Skyline luxury outdoor products, the construction is tip-top: an aluminum frame, hand-woven synthetic wicker and cane, UV- and weather-resistant Sunbrella fabric, and easy wash-ability promise decades of enjoyment, even if—contrary to all reasonable expectations—you attempt to use Iglu outdoors during the winter.

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