Peruse Venetian Ceruse in the TIMELINE Kitchen by workshop/apd and Aster Cucine

Drawing on more than a nice glossy countertop and stainless steel appliances, the TIMELINE kitchen system was designed by the workshop/apd and Aster Cucine to incorporate different materials. The finest materials, in fact, with textures and historical context all wrapped into one magnificent area for cooking and congregation. According to the Urban Homes, Inc., where the kitchen is on display, designers Matthew Berman and Andrew Kotchen “drew upon the history of craftsmanship and artisanship in centuries past to create a kitchen collection with a ‘vintage’ look and feel for contemporary life”.

TIMELINE. Designed by workshop/apd.

Vintage and Modern Combine to Create the TIMELINE Kitchen by workshop/apd and Aster Cucine for Urban Homes, Inc.

Featuring a whitening compound called Venetian ceruse, which was applied back in the 16th century  – strangely, on both human skin and cabinetry – the white oak of the cabinets exhibit a washed out effect. The epoch collection also features countertops and a backsplash that create an unconventional combination of materials. Additionally, the kitchens include art panels by the famous Toronto artist, Murray Duncan, if an extra artistic touch is desired. Together with the wire mesh, oxidized metal, weathered steel, antique mirror glass and bronzed glass, the French countryside comes to life within the combination of modern accents throughout.

Peruse Venetian Ceruse in the TIMELINE Kitchen by workshop/apd and Aster Cucine

Spritely, and with an almost gravitational pull away from the super sleek, let the TIMELINE kitchen system of the Urban Homes, Inc. showroom in New York City come to life using its symbiotic combination of colors, textures, and vintage-inspired modern design.

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