Niche Modern Shines on With the Spark Chandelier Line

Where’s the “Spark” in Niche Modern’s new Spark Modern collection of contemporary chandeliers? In the user’s mind’s eye, of course, as he (or she) registers the scintillating simplicity, the marvelous minimalism, the enigmatic emanations of each one of the four distinct designs that constitute the Spark line. Though in point of fact, “four” does not do full justice to the singular individuality of each and every one of the Spark Modern chandeliers that departs the home of their manufacture, because they’re all hand-crafted and thus “made by humans… no two are exactly alike.”

Spark Chandelier Line. Designed by Niche Modern.

The Customized Beauty of the Hand Blown Glass Bulb

If this seems like familiar terrain, than kudos to you, for you’re a loyal reader going back to May of 2009, when we first discussed the beautiful bare bulbs of Niche with specific reference to the Sola Chandelier. Or perhaps you just know a thing of exquisite beauty when you see it. The Spark line’s four styles are named for the increasing increments of their circular metal canopies, as each one of the Spark models 24, 36, 48, and 60 provides a greater expanse upon which these lovely transparent bulbs may rest.

Niche Modern Shines on With the Spark Chandelier Line
Niche Modern Shines on With the Spark Chandelier Line

The look is equal parts modern minimalism and arch Gothic, with just a touch of Art Deco thrown in for good measure. The models featuring an upward orientation with cylindrical bulbs (Spark 24 and 48) hearken back to candelabra days, long before the thought of such modern touches as glowing incandescence and a dimmer switch were even a glimmer in Edison’s eye; and the two styles with rounded bulbs (Spark 36 and 60) seem a might more situated in the modern world, even though they too evoke the aesthetic of the alchemist, the conjuror, or the mad scientist… laboring away at the fruits of the new century’s technological dawn. The beauty with Niche Modern is that all their lights synthesize the old and new, each one looking like a precious artifact from the 19th century, though firmly grounded in the aesthetic innovations of the 21st.

About the Manufacturer: Niche Modern designs and manufactures high-end modern lighting pendants and chandeliers that combine hand-blown glass with exposed filament bulbs.  Niche Modern specializes in hotel lighting, bar and restaurant lighting, and residential environments such as kitchen lighting and dining rooms. Headquartered in Beacon, NY, Niche Modern was founded by Jeremy Pyles and Mary Welch somewhat accidentally in 2005. When attempting to develop an inspiring lighting display for their own storefront, they ended up producing what is now known as the Stamen Modern Light, the first piece in their collection, and debuted at ICFF shortly thereafter! Prices range from $300 to $1200.

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