Native Trails Ultra Recycled Hygienic Copper Sinks

When it comes to healthy metals, stainless steel immediately comes to mind as a sterile metal that is used often in sinks and medical equipment. While it can be beautiful it many applications, stainless steel has the ability to feel cold and lifeless. Native Trails is tapping into the natural hygienic properties of copper in their lines of handmade sinks. If you didn't know copper had healthful properties, honestly, neither did I, but it is an exciting and eye opening discovery.

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Hand Hammered Sinks are both Healthy and Sustainable

Copper is associated in building technology with piping, wiring and decorative roofing. Hand hammered copper sinks definitely have a presence in the market place, but their cost tends to reduce their mainstream popularity. Two great things about copper outside of its aesthetics are its recyclability and health benefits. Native Trails sinks are made from 100% recycled material and are handmade in a traditional way, making them both sustainable socially and environmentally.

Copper Sink, Kitchen Sink
Copper Sink, Kitchen Sink

Now onto the health benefits: in 2008 the EPA deemed copper-alloy an antimicrobial "touch surface" that naturally kills harmful microbes within two hours or less. These properties make copper a great sink material, and while the sink won't actually clean your dishes, it will keep harmful bacterial from building up on the surface of the sink while you eat dessert. Native Trails is based in San Luis Obispo, CA where they make all things copper for your bathroom or kitchen. The rustic, handmade quality of the sinks and tubs allow the natural beauty of the metal to stand out while it protects you from germs.

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Posted March 24, 2011 by Amanda Smith

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