Enter the World of Wooden Washbasins by the E-Legno Group

Known for their gorgeous wooden bathtubs, washbasins, and shower trays, the Italian craft represented by E-Legno recently released seven brand new washbasins to the kitchen and bath market. One of them is an exciting addition new colored resin atop solid wood orm Appearing like large, thick bowls in a variety of shapes and thicknesses, wooden sinks can brighten up a bathroom by breathing a little bit of nature into the whites and blues of sterile, tiled bathroom spaces.

Natura. Designed by E-Legno Group.

Add the Logos Colored Resin Washbasin or One of Six New Wood Versions by E-Legno to Liven up

Although the bathtubs come handcrafted in cedar, mahogany and teak, their washbasins are seen here made out of walnut, lime, or olive woods. The only basin made from walnut wood is actually Acqua – set apart from the rest in its large, square profile and dark, warm finish. The Armony is an oval-shaped washbasin made from lime wood, and its small, square partner is the Kronos, which is smaller and square. Both of the lime wood washbasins are light and soft in appearance, a sharp contrast from the olive wood washbasins like the Cascata, Gaia, or Natura. Each of these multi-tonal sinks show off their striking appearances in different ways: the Cascata is long and lean, resembling a waterfall; Gaia appears to be a deep, bowl but sets itself apart with varying heights; Natura follows suit by turning a plain oval perimeter into gentle, leaf shape.

In addition to the transparent matte finishes available in the previously mentioned six lines, E-Legno introduced a transparent glossy and a colored resin version entitled Logos to complete the 2011 line-up. “The craftsmanlike manufacture of our handmades allow us to make bathtubs and washbasins according to the customer’s personal choice, customizing shapes and dimensions,” they state to support the excitement behind the Logos release along with the other six lines. Since many of their clients had been requesting their wood washbasins in a colored resin variety, E-Legno is fully prepared for a big 2011.


Logos Rosso. Designed by E-Legno Group.


Kronos. Designed by E-Legno Group.


Gaia. Designed by E-Legno Group.


Cascata. Designed by E-Legno Group.


Armony. Designed by E-Legno Group.

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