Button Up with Capitone Wall Panels From Dreamwall

Launched recently at the UK's Surface Design Show, the Capitone wall by Dreamland resembles a traditional, Victorian leather couch or high-backed booth of a dark cigar bar. With "resembles" being the key word, this new panel definitely sets itself apart with a color and materials that breathe a lightness onto an upholstered wall that might otherwise feel clumsy or vintage.

Capitone. Designed by Dreamwall.

New at the Surface Design Show: Thick, Rounded Capitone Wall Panels made of Polyurethane are the Latest From Dreamwall

Although it looks leathery of the genuine or faux varieties, the Capitone upholstered paneling is not made using either one. In fact, the folks at Dreamwall have made it out of a polyurethane with a front made out of a resin/natural stone marble powder mix. Looking gentle and light instead of a thick and dark, the aesthetic plays on classic lounge walls with a brand new effect.

Created in 2003, Dreamwall has grown up in the UK as one of the most reputable wall covering specialists in the land. If you're already familiar with their previous designs of imitation brick, stone, or slate wall panels then you may recognize the color scheme present in the Capitone. As in some of their previously-launched panel designs, the natural stone marble powder mix has long been a popular shade for brightening up interior spaces.

Button Up with Capitone Wall Panels From Dreamwall
Button Up with Capitone Wall Panels From Dreamwall
Button Up with Capitone Wall Panels From Dreamwall

The company itself was founded by Hannah Coleman - the designer of the 'Rustic Brickwork' range - who has been inspired by many of the mill and barn conversions that have taken place across the UK. Using the key ingredient of European manufacturers to help them create the best wall coverings on the market, Coleman and her team at Dreamwall are an attractive partner in design to residential, commerical, and public projects. Beyond their use of natural stone, they have recently begun catering to the world of fashion with a new range they're calling "Fashion Walls".

But for a decadence unmatched by buttoned-up sofas and recliners, add the comforting texture of an upholstered Capitone to your walls in the light tone and innovative materials offered by Dreamland.

Via Design Milk.

Posted March 8, 2011 by Sonja Hall

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