Rodolfo Dordoni’s What Sideboard for Molteni&C

Doesn’t the name Rodolfo Dordoni just roll off the tongue? Somehow, it reminds me of both the golden sheen of olive oil sputtering amid the day’s first eggs and pale streaks of rain on a duskily tinted window. The Milanese designer is known for such scenic iconography: among recent and current projects count the interior design of a private villa in Kuala Lumpur; the realization of the Japanese restaurant, “Zero Contemporary Food”; and the refurbishment/conversion of G.E. factory space into luxury lofts. In the venue of 3rings, Dordoni is the auteur of a panoply of products including the versatile Pinch Bed (one of 3rings’ most popular products) and the classically-inspired Tau Wall Lamp. Dordoni’s versatility clearly speaks for itself. Indeed, it seems the gentleman can do anything, including the alternately quotidian and extraordinary What Sideboard for Molteni&C.

What. Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for Molteni&C

A Modular Wall Unit with Personality to Spare

What is a customizable sideboard constructed of wooden laminate, glass, and chrome. The flagship model shown is a horizontally-oriented affiair—resting on the floor with door fronts in smoky glass. Having just returned from a visit to the Modern Palm Springs abode of my brother, this particular incarnation speaks volumes to me just now. The dialogue between the slim American Walnut structure, the uninterrupted expanse of the octet of glass doors, and the shiny chrome feet is a fitting accompaniment to the “international goes residential” style of so many 50s homes in the California desert.

Rodolfo Dordoni's What Sideboard for Molteni&C
Rodolfo Dordoni's What Sideboard for Molteni&C
Rodolfo Dordoni's What Sideboard for Molteni&C

If your tastes tend elsewhere, however, What has the answer to your creative conjurations. Options in type of wood (Wenge, Walnut, Dark or Grey Oak); doors (glossy lacquer, smoked glass, Stopsol grey, colored and etched); shelves (wood or smoked glass); and configuration (tall or long, wall mounted or resting on the floor) facilitate the look to match your decor—whether your preferences tend toward French joie de vivre or Prussian pragmatism, Italianate flourish or American re-invention and reserve.

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