The Enchanting Uma Chandelier by Giancarlo Tintori for Nemo Cassina

Nemo Cassina where have you been all my life? For I’ve been living in the darkness of the absence of the fantastic flight of fancy that is your sublime Uma Chandelier. And while I’m at it, where have you been keeping the unparalleled talents of designer Giancarlo Tintori? For his Uma is newly tops on my list of remarkable re-appropriations of the classic chandelier.

Uma Chandelier. Designed by Giancarlo Tintori for Nemo Cassina.

Serious Suspension Lighting Made of Methacrylate

The answers to the above are somewhere to be found, to be sure, probably within the corporate machinations that allowed Nemo to merge with the Poltrona Frau Group—“so we can say today that the changing of Nemo into Cassina lighting division is complete… on top of that, Nemo is today the Official lighting provider within the Poltrona Frau Group.” This confluence of Cassina and Nemo can only be a good thing, especially if it allows future product development akin to the magisterial Uma, a great, gorgeous, glittering piece of poetry equally at home in the nouveau environs of a vast Manhattan penthouse and the post-Gothic Castle of a deposed Transylvanian Viscount.

The Enchanting Uma Chandelier by Giancarlo Tintori for Nemo Cassina
The Enchanting Uma Chandelier by Giancarlo Tintori for Nemo Cassina

Tintori definitely has a flair for the dramatic. His website offers such succinct subpage titles as “WHAT AND WHERE,” and “ME AND YOU,” all in an oversized, over-set sans serif font. Born in Milan, Tintori has been the advisor to the Milan chamber of fashion, instructor in retail design at Milan polytechnic, and the winner of an RAI award for excellence in design in cinema and television production. No wonder Uma has such astounding visual appeal. Its steel structure is the backbone and belt for its auspicious array of cylindrical and prismatic methacrylate cones—a technological approximation of earlier incarnations in crystal and glass that forecasts cascades of new enchantments.

The duo of Nemo Cassina and Tintori also makes excellent use of the Milan collection. Uma will likely lead up the manufacturer’s new collection come April, when the brightest stars in the A&D universe descend upon Salone.

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