LP Nest by Bystrup Architects for Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen continues to work with architects worldwide, all of whom bring intriguing visions to light. The Danish company—perhaps most famous for the PH Artichoke Lamp designed by Poul Henningsen—has “extended the long string of architects that forms the foundation for Louis Poulsen’s global reputation as superb lightmakers.” Like the Artichoke Lamp, the new LP Nest was inspired by an organic form. From fruit to forest, the LP Nest gets its shape from “nature’s constructive logic”—as do many other products. For example, the honeycomb and snowflake have had their share of design tributes.

LP Nest. Designed by Bystrup Architects for Louis Poulsen.

Organic Outdoor Lighting

Bystrup Architects, the firm behind LP Nest, conceives wild imaginings: future cities with sleek buildings, their balconies draped in plants; and carved monoliths encased in glass boxes, their insides glowing green. There seems to be a story lurking behind every one of their concepts. The case is no different for their LP Nest, as Erik Bystrup explains: “The shade of the lamp springs from the cool steel trunk like a stylised tree top.

A filigree pattern that copies the beautiful, naked trees in wintertime, while elegantly supporting a disc of life-giving light.” Place this outdoor pole lamp alongside buildings old and new. The crosshatched nest shape appears natural and modern: it can complement organic materials like stone and brick; or modern elements like steel and cement.

LP Nest by Bystrup Architects for Louis Poulsen
LP Nest by Bystrup Architects for Louis Poulsen

LP Nest may remind you of the beautiful Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing—on a much smaller scale. The stark lines are also shared by the Wintertree Bookshelf. Which all goes to prove that outdoor lighting can look great. Cities should take note and eliminate those ugly poles that make everyone look jaundiced. Install a group of LP Nest lamps instead—and all your citizens will have a happy glow.

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